About Working With Me

If you have never been to therapy, initiating this process can feel uncomfortable, and possibly scary. Sometimes people have waited a long time before doing something about their symptoms such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem and/or conflict in their relationships. Perhaps concerns have arisen during other life transitions.

When you come in for the first time I will do an assessment of your situation. I will ask a number of questions regarding your symptoms and concerns and other relevant information to see how we can work together.

My clinical counseling style is interactive – I will listen, ask questions, and offer guidance to help with symptom relief and your personal growth towards wholeness. Therapy works best when you feel safe, understood and connected to your therapist.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the states of California, Florida and Virginia in the United States and a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Masters degree in Social Work (Clinical). My graduate training concentrated on studying psychotherapy theory and practice, recognizing the social and economic environments in which people evolve. I have 20 years clinical experience including working in a psychotherapy office, hospital setting, nursing home and a university counseling center. I received all my psychotherapy training in the US and I had my own psychotherapy practice there before moving to Germany.

Clinicians who have undertaken most of their clinical training, internships and supervision in Germany can call themselves “Psychotherapeut”. I received my training (degrees, internships and supervision) and worked as a psychotherapist in the United States. For legal reasons in Germany I work as a “Berater” (counselor).

As I don’t work with insurance companies, only I will have access to your records, unless I am legally charged to release them. Insurance companies keep extensive client treatment records and their employees dictate treatment services and fees, even though they are not trained therapists.

In addition to working as a mental health therapist I train other clinicians to assist them working with their clients. I am a trained mediator. I received my Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) training with Kristin Neff. In addition I specialize in working with people with the Highly Sensitive Person trait and adults dealing with the aftereffects of difficult childhoods.

I am a professional member of:

  • International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE)
  • Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)